“Consider This …”

“Consider This …” with Linda Marie and Nancy                                                             Weekly Spiritual, Talk-Radio Program ~ ARCHIVED On-Demand 24/7 for you at blogtalkradio.com/artoflivingwell

Part of The Art of Living Well Network, Radio to Inspire Enlightened Living

"Consider this..." Co-hosts"

“Consider this…” Co-hosts, Rev. Dr. Linda Marie Nelson and Rev. Dr. Nancy Ash

One Click Away … (2012) ARCHIVED Shows:

“THE HOPE” ~ Andrew Harvey, Founder and Father of Sacred Activism ~ Inspiring, spiritual evolutionary dialogue with one of the most passionate, important voices on the planet today.  Andrew visits to talk about his Institute of Sacred Activism, his award-winning book, “The Hope” and worldwide Networks of Grace. It’s powerful to read any of Andrew’s 30 books … it is life-changing to hear him speak! http://www.blogtalkradio.com/artoflivingwell/2012/02/20/consider-thiswith-linda-marie-and-nancy

  • “Finding Joe” ~ (Joe as in Joseph Campbell) ~ A unique preview to a fresh inspiring film about The Hero’s Journey of the great late scholar and mythologist, Joseph Campbell.  Film maker Patrick Solomon, writer, producer and director, shares how Campbell’s myth-work is so relevant for today.  Enjoy my guided meditation on the hero’s journey… You’re invited to “Find Your(S)elf” http://www.blogtalkradio.com/artoflivingwell/2011/08/08/consider-thiswith-linda-marie-and-nancy

Launched in 2010 (on air through 2015) “Consider This …” delivered thought-provoking, in-depth programming with spiritual evolutionary luminaries, authors, scholars and teachers on the cutting-edge of an integral life, collaborating to raise personal and planetary consciousness to Oneness.  A lively, weekly hour-long radio show featured joyful and timely discussion with veteran, trans-denominational ministers, co-hosts Rev. Dr. Linda Marie Nelson and Rev. Dr. Nancy Ash, as well as unique “Doing a 360” segments to re-calibrate listeners to higher vibratory frequency through meditation with music.

“Consider This …” presented non-religious, spiritual programming honoring ALL perspectives and traditions.  Be inspired and learn while opening your heart to the multiple ways that we, as aware, liberated and integral minds are dedicated to transforming our world to Oneness.

Visit Nancy at her comprehensive web-site,  www.doinga360.com

In the spirit of Hawaiin Shamanism, our program always closed with:

“We Love You. Thank You.”


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