Welcome to the blog of Reverend Dr. Nancy Ash, creator of the “Doing a 360” Awakening Process. (learn more here)

As an evolutionary collaborator and “consciousness dot-connector” I’ve been a sacred activist for most of my life.

What does a Sacred Activist do?

They are devoted to uplifting humanity by raising consciousness, implicitly and explicitly. That means, “Doing a 360” within to realize or awaken to Soul’s blueprint for living…and then acting upon or fulfilling that mission or purpose – going full-circle – engendering a sacred life of action out in the world for the sake of all sentient beings.

To put it simply… as I’ve written and said many times: “Being is the sacred ground of doing.”

As an Interspiritual minister and mentor since 1985, I embrace all sacred traditions and indigenous cultures as a dzogchen practitioner of Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism rooted in the Raja Yoga tradition since the age of 16.

Today as a seasoned student of our cosmic life, I wear other hats as a university president, professor, author, poet, modern day mystic and midwife to the new paradigm.

Visit my original web-site Doinga360.com chock-full of free content: http://www.doinga360.com and these for more inspiration:

To you and us ALL, onward to oneness … building a new earth.


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