Doing a 360: Turning Your Life Around to Follow Soul’s Purpose


Doing a 360: Turning Your Life Around to Follow Soul's Purpose

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2012 … and Beyond

Update 2013…

These are challenging times…

It is the most divine, dynamic time in history to be alive on this fragile planet. Individually and collectively I believe we will go full-circle, shifting from a 3-D dubious vision of future Oneness… to a glorious, blossoming manifestation of it. For the sake of all sentient beings I dedicate this sacred space to that “endless end.”

Doing a 360 is an integral process of going “full-circle” on all levels, physically, emotionally, intellectually and of course, spiritually, awakening to the inexorable fact that our Soul drives the bus, so-to-speak. 360 (three-sixty) is all-encompassing; three hundred and sixty degrees in ALL directions, as in the circumference of a circle. Therefore, in this way of “doing”, i.e., seeing, thinking, emoting and being in the world, we are all-inclusive — nothing, or NO THING is left out. It cannot be in this spheroid philosophy of Oneness. So, I invite you to take the journey. Go full-circle. As the great mythologist Joseph Campbell always said, “follow your bliss.”

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I love you. Thank you. Namaste’ ~

Reverend Dr. Nancy Ash, 2012 ~ Southwest USA